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15 Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress Effectively

Stress is the most common occurs when a person feels depressed when they face various problems of life. Stress is one of the biggest factors causing various health problems the most popular in this century. Try to recall how many people you meet say that they're stressed or maybe you're experiencing it?

Stress is not a disease, but if you can not handle it in a certain time, you will be exposed to many serious health problems such as depression, anxiety, nervous, unable to focus for a long time and prolonged fatigue.

how to cope stress effectively

Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress Effectively

Healthy food
Overcoming stress conditions can be done with a healthy & regular diet, and of course by consumting a healthy and nutritious diet. Some foods that contain vitamin B, omega-3, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin C are foods that are recommended to help in dealing with stress. In addition, the types of foods that contain antioxidants are also good for the health of memory. Some healthy foods and beverages that can relieve stress are as follows:

  • Some foods that contain vitamin B: avocado, bananas, salmon, tuna, sardines, yogurt and milk.
  • Some foods that contain folic acid: Oatmeal, oranges, asparagus.
  • Some foods that contain magnesium: Almonds, tofu and spinach.
  • Vitamin C: Some kinds of fruits such as oranges, kiwi, strawberry, lemon, guava.
  • Drink water, at least 1.5 l (8-9 cups) per day.
  • Herbal drinks such as green tea, ginger tea, lemon tea etc. 

Thinking positively
Positive thinking is the right way to prevent stress. Any problems or issues in life, surely there is always a solution. Optimistic, calm and positive thinking are appropriate ways to resolve the issue properly. If any problems or issues in your life could be resolved well, of course, stress is not an obstacle for you to live a better life.

Get enough rest and sleep
Your body is not like a machine that can be driven every day without stopping. Sleep is one of the most effective ways to cope with stress and can increase your productivity. When you sleep your body will recover the lost energy used for day activities.

In addition, resting or sleeping at least 8 hours each day can make you a more focused, improve memory, passionate, powerful, fit and avoid stress.

Listening to favorite music
Research in 2008 by the University of Maryland School of Medicine said that listening to your favorite music for 30 minutes proved to be able to release endorphin substances to reduce stress and relieve pain. Endorphins are brain chemicals responsible for the excitement, comfort and happiness. The more endorphins are produced in the brain, relaxation is increased, the muscles are not tense, heart rate slows down, and you will be more relaxed and comfortable.

Laughing proven effective in bringing good effect to relieve stress. According to some studies, laughing 5 to 10 minutes can stimulate the production of endorphine, serotonin and metanonin. Three of these substances provide good benefits for the brain so that the body becomes more relaxed. In fact, laughter can cure a person suffering from severe mental disorders. Besides being able to eliminate stress, laughter also has other benefits such as:

  • Enhance the immune system of the body.
  • Lowering high blood pressure.
  • Prevent heart disease. 

Aroma Therapy
Aromatherapy has the effect of greatly influence human emotion, because the nose is one of the organs in humans associated with the limbic system as the emotional control center in the human brain. Therefore, aromatherapy can be one effective therapy in stimulating human emotions. Some types of aromatherapy that can be tried are as follows:

  • Lavender, a scent that can help slow brain activity due to the influence of stress.
  • Jasmine, a powerful aromatherapy to soothe frazzled nerves. In addition, jasmine oil can regulate levels of stress, anxiety to fear excessive.
  • Roses and germanium, has a floral aroma that is able to relieve anxiety because the oil is able to balance the hormone levels in the body so as to make the body become more relaxed.
  • Bergamot oil, aromatherapy is derived from citrus fruit peels crude oil so that it has a distinctive smell like citrus fruit. Aromatherapy can help the hypothalamus in the brain to be more calm and relaxed, so as bergamot oil is highly recommended to relieve stress and excessive anxiety. 

Sex activity
Having sex is one effective way to reduce stress. Because, sex can balance the emotional and mental health. In fact, sex can release endorphins so that the body becomes more relaxed. In addition, sex it also has other benefits that are very good for health such as:

  • Improve blood circulation and prevent blood vessel blockage.
  • Improve muscle tone so that it can make the part work better.
  • Burn calories up to 420 calories every sexual activity.
  • Enhance the immune system because sex produces potent chemical compounds to fight the virus.
  • Improve heart health. 

Physical exercise was able to relieve negative emotions such as stress. Exercising able to release the hormone serotonin which can make happy mood. In fact, the Mental Health Foundation which is a non-profit health organizations in the UK have shown that exercise is good for treating depression.

Shout Loud
Shout aloud is one effective way to deal with stress. When experiencing stress conditions, a person must have sensed something was disturbing their minds, resulting in a bad mood. Removing the unpleasant feeling or a bad mood can be done with a loud shout .. Of course you have to find a place spacious and quiet so as not to disturb other people like at the beach or on a cliff. Loud shouting can be done several times so that you become more relaxed.

Massage is a method of relaxation and normalize blood pressure. Proper massage can help improve sleep quality so as to reduce stress levels. According to some research, massage can eliminate stress due to biochemical changes in the body. In fact, studies have found that the stress hormone could be reduced by up to 53% as evidenced by a study conducted on 500 men, women and children who suffer from stress.

Warm bath
Warm bath has a good effect to overcome the stress and make the body become more relaxed. To be more effective, make sure to use warm water that has been mixed with herbs or aromatherapy fragrances.

Yoga and meditation techniques
Doing yoga and meditation techniques are an effective way to cope with stress because it can make your mind relax and concentrate. Yoga techniques and meditation can make breathing more slowly and regularly, lowered heart rate and blood pressure becomes more smoothly, and able to reduce levels of stress hormones which previously pumped by the adrenal glands. In fact, meditation is also a powerful way to help the healing process when you're ill.

Sharing problems to someone close to you (friends, family or spouse) is one effective way to deal with stress. In addition, tell a friend allows you to get a solution to these problems. In fact, research shows that people who covered more susceptible to stress than those who frequently communicate about problems with others.

Doing Your Hobby
How to effectively cope with severe stress by doing a hobby you want to do is the easiest way. Hobby is a fun activity that is believed to soothe one's mind and make them more relaxed. In fact, doing a hobby can make someone become excited after exhausting activity.